Daily Archives: October 12, 2011

the claims of a disclaimer

After the intense emotional purge of yesterdays post I’ve decided to write something a little less personal today to give myself a bit of break. It occurred to me that most people probably don’t have much of a clue about what bipolar disorder actually is, so I thought I’d give a little bit of an outline about it. However, I might just do what one of my recent doctors did to me -though I wont print the pages for you, just send you on over to the Mayo Clinic website.

I am not a doctor and though in my youth I considered becoming one, the sudden lack of motivation caused by a major depressive episode made me reconsider taking on the enormous task of med school. I admit, though I am not a licensed professional, I do have something that many of those professionals don’t have.

I have eight years of experience observing a bipolar individual.

(Yep, me.)

With all of the experiences I have had with doctors who practice “modern medicine”, as well as exploring other “alternative” techniques (like acupuncture) all I can really say is this:

Each individual with bipolar symptoms is different. Unfortunately, what methods work to improve one person’s health might be entirely different from what will work for the next person.

The methods I use to improve my own health may not be suitable for everyone.

I just want to be very clear about that.