Square One; the first of all the squares

I feel fairly obligated to start this by making some comment about what I’m hoping to accomplish with this blog. I was hoping to avoid that, because honestly I’ve been thinking about it the last couple months and still don’t have (what I’d call) a logical answer. I suppose realistically I don’t have an illogical answer either, just more questions.

I’m a curious person by nature, I feel compelled to know how things work and why some things happen at all. As I’ve gotten older it seems that the biggest questions I have now are about myself. I’ve been living with a bipolar diagnosis for almost nine years now but I don’t feel much closer to understanding it.

Ok, I’m sure my therapist would say otherwise (even though I’ve only seen her for two sessions now) but really, in the realm of knowledge I know very little.

<insert blog here>.

A house, where my curiosities can live. Can I offer you, the reader, anything more than any other bipolar blogger? Perhaps not, but I can lend my perspective. And those of us with bipolar disorder are always in need of perspective.


3 responses to “Square One; the first of all the squares

  1. I like this. There is so much in life that can be changed just by a tweak in perspective.

  2. Hey, I’ll tell you one thing. Premium bipolar bloggers / writers are in short supply. Anyone can write a blog about their emotions. But, it takes someone with perspective, insight, and half-way decent use of the English language to make for a good blog. I have no doubt that you have those things.

    I look forward to the rest of the blog!

  3. On Sarah.

    I started reading on Feb 22, 2012. Many online journals are narcissistic diatribes that are a waste of disk and bandwidth. They tend to be banal, plagiaristic, kindling for flame wars. Some write before they think and don’t bother to reflect on what they have written or truly listen to any truth that slips past the reply cacophony. Many can’t write a coherent sentence and have the syntactical and grammatical skills of a preschooler. Their sites are filled with awards, gaudy graphics, irrelevant images, or worse, advertisements. They may have 60 thousand links to other sites to give themselves the self-inflated impression that they are really part of a community of kindred spirits, a mutual admiration society that dilutes anything real as it grows larger.

    You’re different.

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